Tower Plans

Water Towers Lookout Towers
Pick one of these Towers and Choose Features to Suit Your Needs.
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Open Frame
Open Covered Top
Enclosed w/Covered Top
Pointed Head
Mushroom Caps
Open Frame-Room & Deck
Open Frame w/Enclosed Platform
Enclosed-Room & Deck
Enclosed Tower w/Enclosed Platform

Complete Building or Special Design Packages
Pick one of these and take it as is or modify to fit your needs.
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1 Story Towers
1 Story Enclosed
1 Story Mushroom Tower-1
1 Story Mushroom Tower-2
1 Story Open Lookout Tower
1 Story Enclosed w/4700 Gal. Tank
1 Story Open w/8000 Gal. Tank

2 Story Towers
2 Story Open w/Covered Platform
2 Story Open Lookout Tower
2 Story Open w/Enclosed Platform
2 Story Open X Braced Tower
2 Story Enclosed Mushroom Cap-1
2 Story Enclosed Mushroom Cap-2
2 Story Enclosed Mushroom Cap w/Slab Floor
2 Story Enclosed
2 Story Enclosed Lookout Tower
2 Story Enclosed w/Covered Platform
2 Story Pointed Head Garage/Office
2 Story Pointed Head Studio
2 Story Enclosed w/2-Story Shed Wing
2 Story Open Vertical Leg Lookout Tower
3 Story Towers
3 Story Open Tower
3 Story Open Lookout Tower
3 Story Open Tower w/Covered Platform
3 Story Open Lookout Tower w/Internal Stair
3 Story Enclosed w/Front Deck
3 Story Enclosed w/Back Deck
3 Story Enclosed w/Internal Stair
3 Story 35' Open Lookout w/Internal Stair

4 Story Towers
4 Story Open Tower
4 Story Open Lookout Tower
4 Story Open Lookout Tower w/Internal Stairs
4 Story Covered Observation Tower
4 Story w/Tank and 2 Observation Decks
4 Story Enclosed Tower
4 Story Enclosed Tower w/Internal Stairs
4 Story Enclosed Lookout Tower
4 Story Enclosed Lookout Tower w/Internal Stairs

Custom Design Towers
Personalized Towers for Your Needs.
5 Story Lookout Tower
7 Story Open Lookout Tower
150 Ft. Steel Tower
Add a Wing to the Sides of the Tower
Shed Roof Hip Roof

Living Towers
Towers you can Live in
NEW! 2 Story Living Studio
3 Story Enclosed Tower-NEW!

3 Story Living Studio Tower-New!

New Tower Designs in Planning
Straight Leg Towers X Braced Bays
V Braced 2 Stories X Braced 2 Stories
Sloped Base w/Vert Upper Levels Vert Base w/Sloped Upper Levels

   Tower Types
Pointed Head Towers Open Water Towers Mushroom Cap Towers
Enclosed Water Towers
Enclosed Lookout Towers Open Lookout Towers
Watch for new versions of water tower plans in the future.

Last Update 12/30/11