Water Towers

Lookout Tower
1 Story Open Lookout Tower
1 Story Sloped V Braced Lookout Tower w/Room & Deck:
No. of stories for Tower:
+ Lookout
Tower Base Dimension: Approximately 12' sq.
Tower Height:  Approximately 10'
Platform Height: Approximately 12'
Platform Size:  14' sq.
Member Sizes: 6x6's for posts & diagonals, 4x Platform Joists, 2x Decking
Exterior Studs: 2x6's @ 24" o/c
Siding:  1x Horizontal, Vertical Board & Batt, Wood Shingles
Wind Load:  80 mph (will adjust for your local area)
Seismic Load: Zone 4 regulations (will adjust for your local area)
Snow Load:  0 psf  (will adjust for your local area)
Cost:   Varies see Prices for Tower Plans

Includes:  Basic Open Tower, Platform, Handrails & Lookout Room
Additional Costs:  Adjust for Stairs, Ground Freeze, Higher Wind, Seismic or Snow Loads.  Printing and Shipping.
Changes and Modifications to plans: see Custom Designed Towers

Before You Buy:
Check with your local Building Department Jurisdiction to verify acceptance of the plans.  Verify whether a permit is needed and whether a local engineer or architect needs to sign them. Verify what the local snow and wind loads are for your area.
Check with your local Planning Department.  There are often, use, height, appearance, area, material or property set back limits that need to be addressed.
Verify type of soil before building.  Designs are based on having a suitable firm soil material to build the foundation. 
See Building Code & Geologic Notes.

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Last Update 1/23/09